Written by The Bridge Lady (Regina)

Bridging Communities: How Municipal Bridges Can Transform Communities

Just one year ago this week, Smiths Falls city councillors came together to approve a pre-fab carbon fibre bridge that would replace all three of Smiths Falls bridges. In 2012, a flood swept away bridge abutments and gravely impacted the foundation of all three bridges, preventing the community, tourists and boaters from truly enjoying the pristine and picturesque community of Smiths Falls and its waterfront.


One year later, Links Bridges is honoured to have drafted, designed and installed three exceptional municipal bridges that have established a pedestrian route around Smiths Falls parkland. As predicted by Art Manhire, the Director of Community Services, the bridges not only heightened the number of residents and travellers enjoying the waterfront, but also increased the geese population along the waters edges. The first bridge connects Turtle Island with the shoreline and seconds as a damn for the water system.


As with all Links Bridges designs, the Smiths Falls carbon fibre bridge has a lifespan of 50 years plus, are completely resistant to graffiti and was quick and easy to install. The municipality paid an affordable rain for the bridge restoration project and is reaping the benefits of having a complete connected community.


The Smiths Falls bridge replacement was a successful restoration project that makes our team proud to be in the bridge business. To learn more about Links Bridges municipal bridge options – from parks to trails to community centres and more – contact our team today at info@linksbridges.com or call us at 888-444-0277.

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