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Why Fortune 500 Companies are Choosing Links Bridges

Links Bridges recently completed a very special bridge project for a prestigious Fortune 500 company that provides construction services and materials throughout the northeast of the USA.   Three of the brothers who founded the company have passed on and their successors decided to donate a ‘memorial’ bridge to the founders’ favorite golf course. Read on to learn more about this project and why a reputable Fortune 500 company trusted our team at Links Bridges with their memorial bridge.


One of a Kind Fiberglass Bridge Design

The client selected Links Bridges’ Hogan Bridge – an arched bridge with a stone-finish side.  This bridge, which is made of 100% fiberglass, has a ‘concrete-finish’ deck, a ‘granite-finish’ curb and the stone fascia is done in the ‘rubble-style’ stone.

Exceptional Customer Service & Affordability

Links Bridges staff visited the site early in the project and determined that this new bridge could re-use the steel beams that were in place for the existing bridge that was being replaced thus saving the buyer several thousand dollars.

Customization Opportunities

Special measures had to be taken in the manufacturing process to accommodate the customization required to use the existing structural beams.   Also, the bridge is used for vehicles weighing up to 14,000 lbs., which is above the normal parameters for a golf course bridge.

Links Bridges manufactured custom, re-enforced deck panels in shapes to create the ‘arch’ effect over the existing flat steel beams.


Deck panels being fitted over the steel beams.

Deck panels being fitted over the steel beams.


The stone fascia was made in custom sizes to fit with the terrain.  The ‘granite’ curbs were made in sections to allow for field installation.  On the center section of the curbs on each side is an embossed memorial message dedicating the bridge to the honorees.


‘Granite’ curbs and ‘Rubble stone’ fascia finish the overall look.

‘Granite’ curbs and ‘Rubble stone’ fascia finish the overall look.




Links Bridges is proud to offer golf course bridges, memorial bridges, residential bridges, park and trail bridges and enclosed bridges or building connectors. Our specialties include stone bridges, wood bridges, composite bridges, limestone bridges, steel bridges, metal bridges, HyBridge bridges, FRP bridges and aluminum bridges. We are also known as custom bridge builders who design, produce and maintain custom golf course bridges, custom park and trail bridges as well as custom residential bridges. Our design capabilities include arched bridges, flat bridges, Geodesic frame bridges, foot bridges and tunnel style or enclosed bridges.

Due to the quality of our work and our unsurpassed customer service, Links Bridges is known as a top builder for bridges in the USA and Canada. We are 100% committed to any project we are involved in and stand behind all our designs and products. If you and your municipality are ready to invest back into the community with highest quality bridges, contact our team today at info@linksbridges.com or by phone at 1.888.444.0277. We would be honoured to serve all your bridge needs.

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