Written by The Bridge Lady (Regina)

Stonycroft Hills Club’s very own Bridge Tale

Stonycroft Hills Club’s very own “Bridge Tale!”
….written by Stonycroft Hills Club Superintendent, John Gray!

We at Stonycroft Hills Club realized about 4 years ago that our steel and wood bridge was deteriorated to the point replacement was our only option. We contacted a contractor we used before. His estimate came in at 17K, that was with us doing the demo and some finish work.

The bridge committee earmarked $25K for the total price of completion. We had a member who is a builder, he proposed a wooden covered bridge, but was unclear on final costs. He wanted to build a covered bridge, which many felt would greatly increase costs, not only for installing but upkeep as well.

Links Bridges

A trailer load of 4 Fiberglass Bridges.

On a cold day in January, I went to the GCSAA resource page, searched “bridges” and found Links Bridges. One call later, I arranged for a truck load of bridges to come by the club as we were near the delivery route (Link Bridges were delivering bridges to California and a bridge for Golf Industry Show 2018 display).




Our group met with Don Ferrar (Links Bridges’ Chief Executive Officer & owner) for questions and answers. We decided right away, Links Bridges 100% Fiberglass Bridges would meet our needs. We placed the order, and in roughly 10 weeks we received our bridge.


John Gray, The Superintendent with Regina, The Bridge Lady


After all costs were tallied, we saved about $10K over a bridge with steel beams and wood decking. Don lengthened the span by 3′ to better accommodate our needs at No Charge because he wanted to be sure the bridge would span the distance to get away from the stream banks and into better ground.



We were all very impressed with the workmanship, durable materials, ease of installation (2 hour on prepared footings) and most of all the economics.

Links Bridges

Stonycroft Hills Club Superintendent, John Gray with Links Bridges CEO, Don Ferrar.

We will be making Links Bridges our top choice for any future bridge. This was a Slam/Dunk decision. Our entire membership is very pleased!

Thank You Don and Regina!!

John Gray, Superintendent. Stonycroft Hills Club

Note from The Bridge Lady – We were thrilled to get this submission from John Gray, a veteran of the golf course industry who is currently the Superintendent at Stonycroft Hills just outside of Detroit, MI.  Endorsements and feedback from industry veterans like John, who is incredibly well-informed on a variety of important issues and topics, means a lot to the Links Bridges Team.  We thank John for taking the time to share this story. Here are a couple of video of the bridge;


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