Brenner Builder
Written by The Bridge Lady (Regina)

“Make me one of these, please”

At times we drive our factory technicians ‘around the bend’ by taking on “replica” of some pretty non-standard bridge projects.  The factory team loves the challenge, but at the same time, they take great pride in the volume of their output and some projects really do slow them down.

A very reputable construction company, Brenner Builders from Bedford, NY approached us with a challenge.  They had a client who had a bridge that they really liked but it was ‘finished’.  They wanted to replace it with another one just like it – but in FRP so they would never have to replace it again.

Brenner Builders sent us these 2 pictures.

Old bridgeold wood bridge

This was obviously a very unique bridge and did not match any of the models that we have tooled up to supply.  However, we love a challenge.

Our factory technicians take a lot of pride in producing bridges that are architecturally accurate and, in the case of a ‘replica’ like this one, in attention to all of the details.  It took a little longer than we would have hoped but the picture below – which shows the bridge in the factory crated for shipment – shows an incredibly accurate reproduction.

fiberglass bridgereplica

Brenner Builder’s client was apparently very privacy-conscious so we never did get a picture of the final installation.  We did however hear that they were ‘in awe’ of the result – so true to the original.

Written by The Bridge Lady (Regina)

“Inside The Ropes” at Golf Industry Show (GIS2017)

Links Bridges is pleased to announce a partnership with the 2017 Golf Industry Show – (GIS2017).

This year’s GIS is in Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida from February 4 to 9.

A new feature at the 2017 GIS is ‘Inside the Ropes’.  The Golf Course Builders Association of America (GCBAA) and other sponsors are teaming with GIS to create a 9,000 square foot area featuring Golf Course amenities.  Links Bridges is one of the key sponsors.

‘Inside the Ropes’ is a must-see at the 2017 GIS.  Links Bridges will provide an actual golf course bridge ‘Inside the Ropes’.  The bridge will be Links Bridges’ ‘Woody’ model – our most popular golf course bridge.  The ‘Woody” is made of 100% fiberglass and has a very authentic wood finish.


This is a unique opportunity for Golf Course Operators to check out the look and feel of a Fiberglass Golf Course bridge.   Wood bridges rot, steel bridges rust – both require maintenance.  Fiberglass bridges outlast all other bridges.  They  require no maintenance and retain their natural looks for decades.

Be sure to visit ‘Inside the Ropes’ and come see Links Bridges at Booth # 1612 at the 2017 GIS in Orlando.

The Wood bridge at GIS2017 is 15 feet by 6 feet with ramp in both sides. Would you like to take it home with you?



Fiberglass Bridges
Written by The Bridge Lady (Regina)

Golf Course Bridges: Fiberglass bridges or Pressure-treated wood?

Why are golf courses still making bridges with pressure-treated wood? Fiberglass bridges are a great option for Golf Courses – wood bridges much less so.   Let’s compare the performance of fiberglass bridges with wood bridges.

Fiberglass bridges don’t change for decades – structurally or aesthetically.  Wood bridges rot out in 8 to 12 years and start to look shabby by year 2.


wood bridge

Wood bridge at The Marshes.

The look of the golf course infrastructure is vitally important to the guest experience.  Wood bridge solutions also have span limitations and often require pile supports in the wetland that they span.  Increasingly, jurisdictions are enacting regulations which make this activity subject to penalties and fines.  100% Fiberglass bridges span up to 50’.

So why are golf courses still making bridges with pressure-treated wood?  They know that the bridge will need to be replaced in 10 years or less and will never look as good as it did the day it was installed.

The answer to ‘why’ is, in most cases, short-term budget restrictions and a lack of reasonable alternatives.  Bridges made of steel or aluminum have an ‘industrial’ look that is ill-suited to the ambience of golf terrain.

We at Links Bridges has a great solution.  Links Bridges supplies golf course bridges made entirely of fiberglass.  The fiberglass bridges come in a variety of wood finishes that really look exactly like natural wood.

The Woody Bridge

The Woody. This 100% Fiberglass bridge looks exactly like your wood bridge.

Fiberglass bridges are surprisingly affordable.  The bridges are delivered in 1 piece and can be installed in a couple of hours if foundations are prepared.  Compared to wood – much less expensive to install and maintain.

Fiberglass is one of the strongest and most durable building materials in the world.  Unlike wood, steel or aluminum, it does not rot, rust, corrode or deteriorate.

Our fiberglass bridges really do provide Golf Courses with the ‘once and for all’ solution.

Let us know what you think!    info@linksbridges      1-888-444-0277

100% Fiber Glass Bridge
Written by The Bridge Lady (Regina)

Links Bridges reaches milestone in Carleton Place!

Links Bridges achieved another milestone this week with the installation of a bridge serving a residential complex.  The bridge connects a parking lot to a building entrance on the 2nd floor of the building at Carleton Place, Ontario residential complex.

The project involved removal of an existing steel bridge which after 25 years of service had severe rust.  The replacement bridge, from Links Bridges Composite Series, was made with FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastics) beams and decks.  The guard rail was made entirely of HDPE (High Density Poly-ethelene).

This bridge will last for decades.  There are no materials that will rot, rust or require any kind of painting or coatings to maintain the look of the bridge.  The management of the building initially became aware of the Links Bridges alternative from 2 bridges that Links Bridges supplied earlier in 2016 to the nearby community of Smiths Falls, Ontario.

The project was not without its challenges.  To prepare the bridge, the existing bridge details were carefully measured incorporated into the bridge design details.  There was no margin for error.  At each end the bridge had to match existing elevations including at the building entrance where the bridge deck needed to be exactly flush with the door jamb.  There were existing fences, retaining walls and abutments that had to be accommodated if this bridge was going to fit.

The initial plan had been to remove the old bridge and put in the new bridge all in the same day.  Unfortunately, when the old bridge was removed, it was discovered that the existing abutments – which were to be re-used for the new bridge – had suffered some erosion that wasn’t visible until the bridge was removed.

An immediate solution was required because there were residents of the building with access challenges who were reliant on this bridge to come and go.  The Links Bridges’ engineer assessed that the base of the abutments was sound but the integrity of the top surface of the abutments were compromised.

The engineer decided against a ‘concrete’ solution primarily because the temperature was well below freezing levels and not a good situation for concrete to properly cure.  The engineer designed a solution that involved anchoring steel angles to the (uncompromised) side of the abutment.

The Links Bridges team had the required steel fabricated and coated over night.  The next day the team worked in extreme cold conditions to get the abutments ready to receive the bridge.  By mid-afternoon, the bridge was lifted into place.   Everything fit perfectly and by late afternoon, the bridge was fully operational.


Written by The Bridge Lady (Regina)

Top 5 Reasons to Choose “The Side Beamer” Bridge

The Side Beamer Bridge is a classic bridge design using our space frame engineering technology. This bridge can span up to 150′ in a flat or arched design. It provides a much more contemporary appearance compared to the more ‘industrial-looking’ big beam bridges. Its appearance can be enhanced with any of the Links Bridges’ Composite Series designs as the deck and guard rails.

Here are our top five reasons to choose the Side Beamer Bridge from our collection of bridge styles and designs.


The Space Frame has a proprietary coating which outperforms galvanizing by a factor of 3 to 1. The remainder of the bridge is 100% FRP which will retain its structural integrity and appearance for fifty years or more.


The Side Beamer bridge will provide many, many years of rust-free functionality. The side beam, deck and guard rails can last decades with low to no maintenance requirements. Relative to a traditional galvanized steel structure, this bridge is exceptionally maintenance free.

Easy Installation

The Space Frame support is lightweight relative to traditional steel beams. The deck and guard rail materials are far lighter than wood, and this means the installation of the Side Beamer Bridge requires less healthy equipment for installation and smaller abutments.

Turn-Key Solutions

Our team will provide engineering on the bridge and foundations, alongside all of the necessary parts to assemble the bridge, timely delivery to your bridge construction site and full turn key installation. Choose from custom lengths up to 150’ and widths up to 24’, custom branding options and eco-friendly materials.


The Side Beamer Bridge from Links Bridges is a cost-effective design when compared to other enclosed bridges and building connectors.

Are you ready to install your Side Beamer Bridge? Contact our team and we will provide a detailed, customized quote within three business days.

Written by The Bridge Lady (Regina)

Top 5 Reasons to Choose “The Hogan” Bridge

Links Bridges prides itself on being an innovator in the special application bridge business. Our avant-garde Hogan Bridge is designed and inspired by the famous Hogan Bridge that we see every April at the Masters. The functional and aesthetic nature of this bridge will enhance the richness of its surroundings and out-perform all alternatives. We believe that we are the first and only company that is offering custom bridges made of 100% FRP.

Here are our top five reasons to choose the Hogan Bridge from our collection of bridge styles and designs.


Bridges will retain their structural integrity and appearance for 50+ years, far superior to any alternative using wood or metal components.


Our Hogan Bridge requires no maintenance at all! Say goodbye to painting, rust removal or renovation of decaying and rotting boards.

Easy Installation

Bridges up to 50′ are delivered in one piece ready for immediate installation and use.


This custom-manufactured bridge comes in custom lengths from 25’ to 50’ and completely customizable widths. We deliver everything from finer reinforced polymers including gelcoat, resin, glass, fine aggregates for slip resistant deck surfaces, stainless steel bolts and high density polyethylene for guard rail construction.


Our bridges are constructed using the highest quality of materials, the most efficient workmanship and are available at comparable and affordable prices. Contact us for a quote for your personalized Hogan Bridge.

If your golf course, community, park or home residence is in the market for a customizable, 100% RFP low-maintenance, tailor-made Hogan Bridge, contact our team at Links Bridges today to learn more. We have installed thousands of bridges across North America and are eager to help you install “The Hogan” of your dreams.

Written by The Bridge Lady (Regina)

Top 5 Reasons to Choose “The Heritage” Bridge

The Heritage Bridge was originally designed to provide a harmonious pathway where rivers, rocks and woodlands are the natural setting. The Heritage Bridge will blend in perfectly to its natural habitat as our craftsmen have skillfully combined rock work and shaped wood pickets to make a guard rail which is striking yet subtle in its appearance.


Here are our top five reasons to choose the Heritage Bridge from our collection of bridge styles and designs.



The high-performing Heritage Bridge will retain their structural integrity and appearance for over fifty long years.



Our boardwalk bridge never requires painting, rust removal or replacement of decaying and rotting boards.


Easy Installation 

Bridges up to 50′ are delivered in one piece ready for immediate installation and use. An easy turn-key installation solution saves time and money.



Our team will work with you to customize the widths 4’, 6’ and 8’, lengths from 10’-50’, span and elevation variances to meet all of your needs. We deliver everything from finer reinforced polymers including gelcoat, resin, glass, fine aggregates for slip resistant deck surfaces, stainless steel bolts and high density polyethylene for guard rail construction. We can even emboss your logo on the bridge deck for added customization!



We want to take all the stress away from bridge installation so our team offers delivery of your bridge direct to your site.


If your golf course, home residence, community, park, school or local conservation trail is in the market for a durable, low-maintenance, tailor-made heritage bridge to cover river and rock beds, the Heritage Bridge from our team at Links Bridges is for you. For more information on the design and installation of this bridge, contact our team at Links Bridges today to learn more. We have installed thousands of bridges across North America and are eager to help you install “The Heritage” Bridge of your dreams.



Written by The Bridge Lady (Regina)

Bridge Focus: Our Favourite Bridge in Canada

Our Favourite Bridge in Canada

It is no surprise that we are fascinated by the beauty and engineering genius of bridges around the world. Our absolute favourite bridge hovers over the Capilano River in beautiful British Colombia. A day-trip to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in Vancouver will literally transport you to paradise. The brilliantly engineered bridge, built in 1889, rises 230 feet above a deep and steep canyon that encompasses the Capilano River. Surrounded in all four directions by breathtaking trees, plants and flora and fauna that expands into a seemingly never ending 27 acre rainforest, this is the kind of bridge we wish we had of built ourselves. Instead, we decided to join the other 800,000 visitors each year and simply marvel in its beauty and enjoy a wide-eyed, jaw-dropping walk across the 450 foot bridge.
The Suspension Bridge was originally constructed by the famous Scottish civil engineer and land developer, George Grant Mackay. Imagine that in those early days, the bridge was suspended using hemp rope and simple cedar plants and hosted a simple cabin that became the popular meeting place for the designer and his pals. By the time of his death in 1903, the rustic rope bridge was replaced with a far more secure wire cable bridge. The ownership of the bridge passed hands numerous times until 1953 when Rae Mitchell completely rebuilt the bridge, adding trails, a trading post and bookmarking the wire cables with concrete walls.
Fast forward to the present day, the Capilano Suspension Bridge is now owned by Rae Mitchells daughter, Nancy Stibbard and is celebrated in the Canadian Tourism Hall of Fame. It is so strong and stable that it could hold 97 elephants, 203 moose or 4520 beavers![1] The bridge remains constructed of wire cable but if you are lucky enough to visit in during the holidays, it is decorated with thousands of glittering lights that illuminate its incredible beautify at night.

Stay tuned to our blog for many more bridge features. What’s your favourite bridge in Canada? Post your thoughts or photos in the comments below. If you are looking for help to design and install a bridge on your property, contact our team today for help.

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