Choosing a golf course bridge made by Links Bridges is the best investment you can make for your golf course. Our golf course bridges are known for their long lasting good looks and require less maintenance than any other bridge alternative. A golf bridge from our company is easy to install, requiring less heavy equipment and causing less damage to your golf terrain. We specialize in wood bridges, stone bridges, limestone bridges, composite bridges, Hybridge bridges, metal bridges, steel bridges, aluminum bridges, FRP bridges and can offer any style of custom golf course bridge to your club. Flat bridges, arched bridges. Geodesic bridges or tunnel style bridges are available. Our company offers affordable golf course bridges in different style; foot bridges, cart bridges and tunnel style bridges that can be used on golf courses. Through our creative designs, superior production methods, use of reliable materials and excellent customer service, Links Bridges is known in the industry as a premiere custom golf builder for golf course bridges in the USA and Canada.



Bridges up to 50’ are delivered in 1 piece ready for immediate installation and use. We can even deliver the bridge on removable wheels to make it easy to tow the bridge to its installation destination.

We engineer the abutments (foundations) and if these are prepared in advance, the bridge can be unloaded and installed in a short few hours with minimal equipment and labor.


Unlike steel which corrodes and wood which rots, our bridges never need any painting, rust removal, replacing of rotting boards or tightening of loose bolts. The only maintenance ever required is pressure washing and that is optional.


For practical purposes, the bridge will last ‘forever’. It will not need to be replaced for many, many generations.


‘Appearance’ is a bit more of a subjective measure of our bridge’s performance but the reality is that you get to choose the look that best fits the surroundings and application and it will retain that look for many decades. For example, our ‘wood finish’ bridge will look almost exactly the same as new 25+ years from now whereas a ‘real’ wood bridge will start to show its age almost immediately and will progressively deteriorate.



The steel tubes used in the geodesic beam have a special proprietary coating which outperforms galvanizing by a factor of 3 to 1. In combination with the FRP deck material, this means that the bridge will not require maintenance such as rust removal for many years as compared to traditional industrial steel beams


The structural efficiencies of geodesic engineering is such that a HyBridge Series bridge will weigh only a fraction (20% to 30%) of the weight of a typical bridge spanning 50’ to 150’. This means smaller abutments (less excavation required) and smaller equipment to install the bridge. This minimizes direct costs and as importantly, minimizes potential damage to golf course terrain.


The geodesic frame in combination with your choice of finish for the deck material provides a modern, clean-looking bridge that avoids the ‘industrial’ look that can detract from a golf course’s natural beauty.