The Woody (Fiberglass bridges)

Guard Rails

Links Bridges offers guard rail systems to suit each specific bridge application. There are 3 basic categories of guard rail types:

Curbs – These are the most common for golf course applications. Their main function is to act as a side barrier to prevent accidents with golf carts or other utility vehicles .

Decorative – These are ‘full size’ guard rails that act as a side barrier and enhance the look of the bridge. Decorative Guard Rails are engineered and built to applicable safety standards for load resistance. They generally do not meet codes for minimum opening spaces and therefore are only suitable for applications where municipal and other codes are not a consideration.

Code-compliant – These are ‘full-size’ guard rails that meet all applicable municipal, county or state codes. These codes govern minimum height, load resistance (including lateral and collision loads) and minimum acceptable opening space size. Note that codes can vary from one jurisdiction to another so these designs must be tailored accordingly.

Guard Rails 2