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New Product – The Seasider Bridge

Links Bridges announces the introduction of the new ‘Seasider’ bridge. Throughout the coastal areas of North America are many miles of raised beach boardwalks. These are boardwalks or bridges are designed to provide access to beaches or passage over areas of vegetation.

These bridges are generally exposed to some of nature’s harshest conditions – salt water air and high UV concentrations. Most of these bridges are currently made with pressure-treated or painted wood. As such they need frequent maintenance and replacement to avoid having them become an ‘eyesore’ or a liability concern for the owner.

The Links Bridges’ Seasider bridge is a major breakthrough in offering a long-lasting, low maintenance option for these boardwalks/bridges   The Seasider is made of 100% FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymers).

The Seasider will retain its structural integrity and appearance for decades. Maintenance will be minimal as the decks and rails will never need painting or any kind of refinishing. The potential savings in maintenance costs and life cycle replacement costs are huge!

The Seasider is offered in custom sections up to 50’ in length and 8’ in width. Compared to the current wood boardwalks, these longer span sections also offer considerable savings by reducing the number of supporting pile sections.  Longer boardwalks and bridges can be made by linking a number of these custom made sections. Boardwalks wider than 8’ can be made as well.

The Seasider will be offered to select US ocean-side cities in the spring and summer of 2016 for immediate installation. The offering will be extended to additional markets for 2017 and beyond.

Recent Delivery – The Ashlar Bridge to the Jasna Polana Golf Club

The prestigious Jasna Polana Golf Club in Princeton, NJ recently took delivery of the very first Ashlar stone-style bridge from Links Bridges. Jasna Polana is operated by the PGA as one of the PGA Tour’s acclaimed network of TPC clubs. It is centrally located between New York City and Philadelphia.

Jasna Polana (the term means ‘bright meadow’ in Polish and the name is derived from Leo Tolstoy’s home) is a special place with a rich history. It was the estate of John Seward Johnson (of Johnson & Johnson notoriety) and his wife who was an avid art historian. After Mr. Johnson’s death, Mrs. Johnson had the property converted to a private golf club. The golf course was designed by the legendary Gary Player and opened in 1998.

The building architecture and several bridges at Jasna Polana were constructed with very intricate rock work, much of which is in the Ashlar Stone style. Ashlar Stone refers to a masonry style using highly dressed stones cut and formed into cuboid shapes

Jasna Polana asked Links Bridges to provide a bridge which accurately captured this style and look using Links Bridges’ FRP technology. The Links Bridges Design Team welcomed the challenge.

The bridge was completed and delivered recently. According to Tim Connolly, Director of Golf Course Maintenance at Jasna Polana, “We are very impressed with the bridge. It is beyond our expectations.”

The picture below shows the bridge immediately after it was lifted onto its foundations.

image IMG_0038


Says Links Bridges CEO, Don Ferrar: ‘We are very thankful to Tim Connolly and the Jasna Polana team for partnering with us in the development of what we have named The Ashlar. It was important to us that we deliver a product that met their very high standards and I’m proud that we achieved that. The Ashlar has now been added to the menu of options for our 100% FRP Composite Series bridges.’

Interesting Bridge stuff in the news

Links Bridges prides itself on being an innovator in the special application bridge business. As best we can determine, we are the first and only company that is offering custom bridges made of 100% FRP.

Occasionally though, we have to ‘tip our hat’ to someone who has come up with an even more innovative idea for bridge construction.

A group from Montreal’s Mile End neighborhood has come up with a proposal for the city’s soon-to-be retired metro cars: use them to build a pedestrian bridge connecting the neighborhood to the nearby Rosemont metro station.

As it stands, Mile End is not easy to get to from the metro station. People have to cross busy St-Denis Street, take an overpass over the CP Rail line, and then double back.
The proposed pedestrian walkway would be both a shortcut and a monument to Montreal’s public transit heritage.
The main voice behind the project is Beat Richert, a digital communications specialist at new media company Ressac, which is based in Mile End.

“It would look incredibly iconic, and a little bit poetic as well: essentially, the train jumping the train,” Richert said in an interview.
“It would be extremely efficient, catering to thousands of commuters who come from the metro station to the Mile End neighborhood,” Richert said.

Mile End is home to tech companies and design firms, including video game giant Ubisoft, which supports this project.
Richert says companies in the neighborhood expect to create thousands of jobs in the next few years, and they want to make the neighborhood easier to reach.
He said the exact budget for the proposal hasn’t be finalized, but he estimates it would cost at least $3 million.

Last week the STM announced a call for project proposals to give a second life to its first-generation metro cars, known as MR-63s, which are gradually being retired.

Richert says the next step is to crowdfund a feasibility study which would be presented to the city and the STM.



Written by The Bridge Lady (Regina)

Golf Course Builders Association of America Awards Night at GIS 2016 – San Diego, CA

Golf Course Builders Association of America Awards Night in San Diego, CA.

The GCBAA (Golf Course Builders Association of America) reception is always one of the highlights of the Golf Show.  It is a great place to meet and mingle with some of the Golf Industry’s most prominent Architects and Designers as well as the most experienced and important golf course builder’s in the world.


The Bridge Lady with Richard C. Haas, General Manager of Proscape Golf.


Congratulations to James F. Moore, recipient of the 2016 Don A. Rossi Award given by GCBAA in Golf Industry Show 2016, San Diego CA

IMG_4169 IMG_4167 IMG_4162 IMG_4159 IMG_4158 IMG_4155

Written by The Bridge Lady (Regina)

National Golf Course Owners Association – Reception – GIS 2016

The Links Bridges Team was honored to attend the NGCOA (National Golf Course Owners Association) reception at the beautiful OMNI Hotel in downtown San Diego.  It was a great time with many of the key people in the Golf Industry in attendance.


The hard working team of NGCOA at Golf Industry Show 2016 in San Diego, CA


The Bridge Lady of Links Bridges at NGCOA Reception, Golf Industry Show 2016 in San Diego, CA


The Bridge Lady with Mike Woods, PGA Director of Golf; PGA Director of FootGolf and Vice President, Morton Golf. Sacramento CA


Links Bridges CEO, Don Ferrar with long time friends Genevieve and Bill Brown, owners of Mont Cascades Golf Course in Cantley, Quebec. Bill Brown is a member of NGCOA Board.


Great to meet Linda and Joseph Priddy. Joseph is the General Manager of Santa Maria Country Club, Santa Maria CA.

IMG_4071 IMG_4069 IMG_4067 IMG_4066 IMG_4061 IMG_4065 IMG_4057 IMG_4053



Written by The Bridge Lady (Regina)

Links Bridges at Golf Industry Show in San Diego – February 11 to 13, 2016

The Links Bridges Team had a great time at the Golf Industry Show in San Diego – February 11 to 13, 2016.  We were thrilled with the quality and volume of traffic checking us out.

We attend these shows as one way to make sure that more people are aware that they have a different and better option for their golf course bridge requirements.  From our perspective, this show was an unqualified success!

Never before have we had the opportunity to interact with so many in the golf industry who have immediate and pending needs for bridges.

This show was also a chance for us to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.  The NGCOA and GCSAA are to be congratulated on the success of this year’s show.

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