Written by The Bridge Lady (Regina)

BRIDGE STORY: What do our customers say about Links Bridges?

What do our customers say about Links Bridges?

We are always pleased to get feedback from our customers.  It helps reinforce what we’re doing right and if there are things we need to improve, we want to know about that too.

We know we are not perfect but, thanks to the experience, skill and dedication of our manufacturing team, we know that we make great bridges.  Our descriptions and pictures of our bridges cannot convey this accurately.  They must be seen to be properly appreciated.

Following are some recent comments and these really are typical of what we get:

Links Bridges

Alto Lakes Golf
New Mexico, USA

“Construction quality, color and location are perfect.”

“Ease of installation, greatly more cost-efficient than having one site built”

“I would definitely recommend Links Bridges for all golf course applications.”

“It has definitely exceeded our expectations.”

“Many of our players have commented on how nice the bridges look.”

Links Bridges

Prestigious mid-west course that is hosting one of the Majors before 2020


“We asked that the bridges appear to have been there since the course’s inception as to not ‘stick-out’ and to match the traditional design of the golf course.  Links Bridges was able to provide just what we asked for – high quality but rustic looking.”

“Above expectations.”

“4 years later, it looks like the day it was installed.”

Call Links Bridges when you need a bridge and you too will be saying nice things.

Written by The Bridge Lady (Regina)

Bridge Story – The Swan Bridge

Bridge Story – The Swan Bridge

Part of our business at Links Bridges deals with bridges for residential properties.  One such case involved a gentleman in the mid-west who needed a bridge to connect to an island in the large pond in his front yard.  One curious aspect was that he needed the bridge to be arched so his swans could comfortably swim under the bridge.

We were pleased to be able to accommodate this request but our curiosity was piqued as well.  You don’t meet someone every day who has pet swans.  We found the story about the swans both interesting and instructive.


Apparently, in this area there are business from which you can rent swans for the spring to fall seasons.  The swans are usually delivered in ‘couples’ with the expectation that they may mate during this time.

These swans have been ‘clipped’ so that they are not able to fly and are quite content as long as they have a body of water, a food supply and are not threatened by predators.



What was particularly interesting was to learn that the motivation for people to rent swans is to keep geese away.  This may be widely known but it was new for us – apparently swans will not tolerate geese in their ‘territory’ and are capable of inflicting ‘death by drowning’ to a goose that tries to co-habit their pond.


We have seen a number golf courses where goose populations were a menace.  As we see those places in the future, we will be certainly be letting them know about the potential remedy of introducing some elegant swans to the property.

Like all of our bridge stories, this one has a happy ending.  The bridge was delivered and installed.  In the picture below you can see Mr. Swan contentedly emerging from a swim under the bridge.  This bridge is a typical ‘Woody’ model done in a weathered wood finish.

The Hogan bridge
Written by The Bridge Lady (Regina)

Bridge Transformation

While we believe that it is always better to be humble, sometimes you earn the right to ‘toot your horn’ as the saying goes.  This is a story that we are very proud about from a number of perspectives.

A very successful and reputable construction company out of Connecticut – O & G, Inc. – asked us to come and look at a bridge they wanted to replace on the Torrington Golf Club in Goshen, CT.  Torrington is a beautiful golf club with a rich history, including hosting several major regional and national competitions.

The bridge in question was 20’ X 12’ and was used for equipment weighing up to 14,000 lbs.  O & G was donating the bridge to Torrington as a memorial bridge in honor of 3 deceased brothers who were founding partners of O & G and had spent many enjoyable days at Torrington GC.

After supplying an initial quote, we went to examine the old bridge – wood planks on 3 steel beams.  Based on our analysis of the bridge, we determined that the steel beams were in great shape and that we could reduce the cost considerably by incorporating these into the new design.

old bridge

The original bridge

The particular challenge presented to us was that O & G wanted something very special as a memorial bridge.  Working with our Design Team, O & G decided on a ‘Hogan’ style bridge which has an arched deck and ‘rubble’ stone fascia on each side.  We had to design and engineer a solution that arched the deck, accommodated Vehicular Live Loads of 14,000 lbs. and had a fascia on each side.

The solution started with making structural deck panels with progressively deeper beams to create the arched deck.  We custom fabricated 5 – 4’ panels, each the full width of the bridge, and these were attached to the steel beams to make the ‘structural-arched deck’.

Deck panels being fitted over the steel beams.

From there, we attached the ‘stone’ fascia to the deck beams and capped it with a curb.  The curbs on each side of the bridge deck have inscriptions denoting the memorial tribute that was the inspiration for the bridge.

 The finish product look like this Hogan Bridge. (We are waiting for a picture of the installed bridge at O & G Inc.)The Hogan Bridge

To anyone looking at this bridge, it appears to have a concrete deck, granite curbs and ‘rubble’ stone with mortar as a structural arch on the sides.  In reality, all of the components added to the steel beams that were retained were made of 100% fiberglass.

We started this story by telling you that our team was particularly proud about this project.  Let us close by telling you why:

  • Our association with the O & G and Torrington GC Teams – a more professional group of people would be hard to find. Their thoroughness and attention to detail made them a pleasure to work with.

  • Our efforts to help our client save money by retaining and re-using steel beams that have another 25+ years of useful life left in them. We credit our Design Team with engineering a method to create an arched deck on flat steel.

  • The final product is really a ‘work of art’ that will serve the members of the Torrington GC for many generations to come and provide a lasting tribute to the 3 deceased brothers who are honored with inscriptions on the bridge.


Written by The Bridge Lady (Regina)

Links Bridges & The Fighting Irish

This bridge story is about another milestone in the Links Bridges legacy.  We want our bridges to be widely available to all that would benefit from their unique properties – regardless of budgets and applications.  At the same time, we like seeing our bridges on TV and to achieve that we need to work with buyers – particularly golf courses – that attract TV coverage.

Our bridges really are world-class in looks and performance.  No other golf course bridge will look as good and retain those good looks for many decades without any kind of maintenance.  In addition, the ease of installation and choice of finishes really makes it an ideal bridge for any golf course setting.  (The writer apologizes for that shameless plug.)

The Warren Golf Course is on the campus of the world-famous University of Notre Dame.  It was recently announced that The Warren Golf Course has been selected as the host for the 2019 U.S. Senior Open Championship.  This is obviously a major, prestigious event that will attract major crowds and a world-wide TV audience.

The team at The Warren Golf Course determined that they needed a couple of bridges to provide some more crossings of the water ways on the course to accommodate the expected crowds.  They chose 2 ‘Timber’ model bridges in the ‘weathered wood’ finish we offer.  We are not habitual ‘name-droppers’ but we were told that this finish was selected Ben Crenshaw, who along with Bill Coore are the architects of The Warren GC.


2 Bridges sitting in our factory while waiting shipment to The Warren GC

Don’t be fooled by the appearance – these bridges are made of 100% fiberglass – structural beams and deck.  The curbs are made of re-cycled material that has the same long-lasting properties as fiberglass.

Installation of these bridges has been delayed while the course team deals with the impact of some flooding damage.  We will be back to update this bridge story with some new pictures once the bridges are installed.


Written by The Bridge Lady (Regina)

Why Bridges are Vital to Municipalities

According to Indigenous and Municipal Relations, the Province of Manitoba recently contributed $1.0 million to the Municipal Bridge Program to support communities in revitalizing their local pedestrian, commuter and public bridges and structures. The program requires a detailed project/bridge design, including each phase of the construction and its associated costs. It also requires that all this information is prepared and approved by a professional engineer who has ample experience in municipal bridge design and bridge engineering for municipalities.


Meanwhile, in Alberta, the AAMC’s agrees that “rural roads and bridges are not only vital to local communities, but serve as important arteries to help Alberta’s economy grow”.


Finally, in April 2016, right here in Ontario, the Government of Ontario delivered $20 million dollars to municipalities across the province to make road and bridges safer. This project, which runs through until 2017, was designed to “make roads and bridges safer, create economic growth and create or sustain jobs”.


The value of high quality, high performing and long-lasting municipal bridges is priceless. In fact, the majority of rural municipality expenses is spent on managing transportation infrastructure, like bridge revitalization and road construction. Why is it that  bridges so important to the economy of Canada’s municipalities?


  • Bridges serve the oil and gas, forestry and agricultural industries by providing access points to our countries’ most prized natural resources
  • As bridges age, some municipalities are forced to close roads and primary access points through communities due to the weight restrictions or cost of maintaining bridges.
  • Bridges in municipalities provide rural communities a gateway to major highways, tourism centres and primary health, education and recreation facilities.


Wherever your municipality is located, the construction of solid, durable, sustainable and environmental friendly bridges is essential. Municipal bridges do not need to cost an arm and a leg to your municipality either. The team at Links Bridges has decades of experience engineering the highest quality of municipal bridges.


We offer golf course bridges, residential bridges, park and trail bridges and enclosed bridges or building connectors. Our specialties include stone bridges, wood bridges, composite bridges, limestone bridges, steel bridges, metal bridges, HyBridge bridges, FRP bridges and aluminum bridges. We are also known as custom bridge builders who design, produce and maintain custom golf course bridges, custom park and trail bridges as well as custom residential bridges.

Our design capabilities include arched bridges, flat bridges, Geodesic frame bridges, foot bridges and tunnel style or enclosed bridges.


Due to the quality of our work and our unsurpassed customer service, Links Bridges is known as a top builder for golf course bridges, residential bridges or park & trail bridges in the USA and  Canada. We are 100% committed to any project we are involved in and stand behind all our designs and products. If you and your municipality are ready to invest back into the community with highest quality bridges, contact our team today at info@linksbridges.com or by phone at 1.888.444.0277. We would be honoured to serve all your bridge needs.

Links Bridges
Written by The Bridge Lady (Regina)

Restore Your Bridge Back to Life

We live in a disposable era, where the moment things break we either leave them that way (and promise we will fix them next weekend) or we replace them entirely, scrapping otherwise functional materials in exchange for a quick fix. Our mission at Links Bridges is to save our customers their time, their money, and their sanity. We have created a line of sustainable, eco-friendly bridges for municipalities, golf courses, and residences that don’t need to be fixed or replaced every few years. Additionally, we strive to replace the wastefulness in the landscaping industry by encouraging and providing services to accommodate bridge restoration and renewal.

With Links Bridges bridge restoration, our clients get to experience both an aesthetic and functional ‘new’ bridge at a fraction of the cost. Here is how:

First, consider that any bridge has 3 main components:

  1. Foundations/Abutments
  2. Beams
  3. Deck/Rails

It is often the case that the foundations and beams are still in great shape long after the deck has deteriorated.  This is particularly true for steel beam/wood deck bridges.

Our team of expert bridge designers and installers have perfected the art of bridge restoration, whereby, rather than replace the entire bridge when the deck needs replacement, Links Bridges can custom fabricate a new FRP deck.  Done properly, it can provide all of the benefits – including the look – of an entirely ‘new’ bridge. The best part is that this can all happen at a fraction of the cost of a new bridge.

The Links Bridges crew recently worked with the Sirocco Golf Club in Alberta on a successful restoration project.  The pictures below show the result.







If your municipality, residence, or golf course has an older bridge that could use some tender love and care, contact our bridge experts at Links Bridges today for a free consultation on how to restore and revitalize your bridge. Whether your bridge runs through a golf course, a park, a trail, your backyard or otherwise, we can help bring it back to life. Contact us at info@linksbridges.com or call us at 888-444-0277.

Written by The Bridge Lady (Regina)

Bridging Communities: How Municipal Bridges Can Transform Communities

Just one year ago this week, Smiths Falls city councillors came together to approve a pre-fab carbon fibre bridge that would replace all three of Smiths Falls bridges. In 2012, a flood swept away bridge abutments and gravely impacted the foundation of all three bridges, preventing the community, tourists and boaters from truly enjoying the pristine and picturesque community of Smiths Falls and its waterfront.


One year later, Links Bridges is honoured to have drafted, designed and installed three exceptional municipal bridges that have established a pedestrian route around Smiths Falls parkland. As predicted by Art Manhire, the Director of Community Services, the bridges not only heightened the number of residents and travellers enjoying the waterfront, but also increased the geese population along the waters edges. The first bridge connects Turtle Island with the shoreline and seconds as a damn for the water system.


As with all Links Bridges designs, the Smiths Falls carbon fibre bridge has a lifespan of 50 years plus, are completely resistant to graffiti and was quick and easy to install. The municipality paid an affordable rain for the bridge restoration project and is reaping the benefits of having a complete connected community.


The Smiths Falls bridge replacement was a successful restoration project that makes our team proud to be in the bridge business. To learn more about Links Bridges municipal bridge options – from parks to trails to community centres and more – contact our team today at info@linksbridges.com or call us at 888-444-0277.

Written by The Bridge Lady (Regina)

Top 5 Reasons to Choose “The Side Beamer” Bridge

The Side Beamer Bridge is a classic bridge design using our space frame engineering technology. This bridge can span up to 150′ in a flat or arched design. It provides a much more contemporary appearance compared to the more ‘industrial-looking’ big beam bridges. Its appearance can be enhanced with any of the Links Bridges’ Composite Series designs as the deck and guard rails.

Here are our top five reasons to choose the Side Beamer Bridge from our collection of bridge styles and designs.


The Space Frame has a proprietary coating which outperforms galvanizing by a factor of 3 to 1. The remainder of the bridge is 100% FRP which will retain its structural integrity and appearance for fifty years or more.


The Side Beamer bridge will provide many, many years of rust-free functionality. The side beam, deck and guard rails can last decades with low to no maintenance requirements. Relative to a traditional galvanized steel structure, this bridge is exceptionally maintenance free.

Easy Installation

The Space Frame support is lightweight relative to traditional steel beams. The deck and guard rail materials are far lighter than wood, and this means the installation of the Side Beamer Bridge requires less healthy equipment for installation and smaller abutments.

Turn-Key Solutions

Our team will provide engineering on the bridge and foundations, alongside all of the necessary parts to assemble the bridge, timely delivery to your bridge construction site and full turn key installation. Choose from custom lengths up to 150’ and widths up to 24’, custom branding options and eco-friendly materials.


The Side Beamer Bridge from Links Bridges is a cost-effective design when compared to other enclosed bridges and building connectors.

Are you ready to install your Side Beamer Bridge? Contact our team and we will provide a detailed, customized quote within three business days.

Written by The Bridge Lady (Regina)

Top 5 Reasons to Choose “The Limestone” Bridge

Top 5 Reasons to Choose “The Limestone” Bridge

Links Bridges prides itself on being an innovator in the special application bridge business. Our arched Limestone Bridge is renowned for its simple elegance. It is designed and customized to blend into nature, available with various tints to compliment the indigenous stones that occupy its surroundings.

Here are our top five reasons to choose the Limestone Bridge from our collection of bridge styles and designs for your commercial or residential project.


Every pedestrian bridge from Links Bridges will retain its structural integrity and appearance for 50+ years, far superior to any alternative using wood or metal components.


Our Limestone Bridge requires no maintenance at all! Say goodbye to painting, rust removal or renovation of decaying and rotting boards.

Eco-Friendly Materials

The Limestone Bridge is designed with all eco-friendly materials, to ensure sustainability of the environment and the product. From our scratch resistant gel-coat to fire retardant resin and beyond, all of our materials are safe and sustainable.


This custom-manufactured bridge comes in custom lengths up to 50’ and standard widths of 4’, 6’ and 8’ or a customizable width of your choosing.

Branding Options

Get your logo embossed on the bridge deck and promote your unique brand to all passersby. Our team will professionally emboss your logo

If your golf course, community, park or home residence is in the market for a customizable, 100% RFP low-maintenance, tailor-made Limestone Bridge, contact our team at Links Bridges today to learn more. We have installed thousands of bridges across North America and are eager to help you install bridge of your dreams.

Written by The Bridge Lady (Regina)

Top 5 Reasons to Choose “The Hogan” Bridge

Links Bridges prides itself on being an innovator in the special application bridge business. Our avant-garde Hogan Bridge is designed and inspired by the famous Hogan Bridge that we see every April at the Masters. The functional and aesthetic nature of this bridge will enhance the richness of its surroundings and out-perform all alternatives. We believe that we are the first and only company that is offering custom bridges made of 100% FRP.

Here are our top five reasons to choose the Hogan Bridge from our collection of bridge styles and designs.


Bridges will retain their structural integrity and appearance for 50+ years, far superior to any alternative using wood or metal components.


Our Hogan Bridge requires no maintenance at all! Say goodbye to painting, rust removal or renovation of decaying and rotting boards.

Easy Installation

Bridges up to 50′ are delivered in one piece ready for immediate installation and use.


This custom-manufactured bridge comes in custom lengths from 25’ to 50’ and completely customizable widths. We deliver everything from finer reinforced polymers including gelcoat, resin, glass, fine aggregates for slip resistant deck surfaces, stainless steel bolts and high density polyethylene for guard rail construction.


Our bridges are constructed using the highest quality of materials, the most efficient workmanship and are available at comparable and affordable prices. Contact us for a quote for your personalized Hogan Bridge.

If your golf course, community, park or home residence is in the market for a customizable, 100% RFP low-maintenance, tailor-made Hogan Bridge, contact our team at Links Bridges today to learn more. We have installed thousands of bridges across North America and are eager to help you install “The Hogan” of your dreams.

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