Golf Cart Bridge

Branding Option: A Vivid Logo Display On Your Bridge

Links Bridges, the supplier of premium, 100% Fiberglass Bridges to the Golf Industry, is pleased to now offer Buyers an enhanced option for their ‘branding’ programs.  We have always offered Golf Courses the option to have their logo embossed on the Bridge Deck.

Golf Cart Bridge
A golf Cart Bridge for Crazy Critters Pathway

This feature had limitations because of the natural wood grain texture of the 100% Fiberglass Decks.  We have now developed a process that allows a vivid display of the most complex logo files to be displayed – while still maintaining a non-slip bridge surface. This picture shows a logo proudly displayed on an 8′ wide wood-finish Bridge Deck.  This bridge was delivered to a buyer in Indiana in January.

Golf Cart Bridge
Crazy Critters Cabin, pathway bridge
This 100% Fiberglass is:
Length = 30 feet
Width = 8 feet
Guard Rail = Curb Style
Vehicular Live Load = 2,500 lbs.
Deck Finish = Wood
Bridge Style = Timber (flat profile)
We now have Buyers telling us that this feature is not only helping them with promoting their brand, but it has opened ideas of selling sponsorships to help finance bridge projects. Longest-lasting, lowest maintenance, easiest to install, natural looks – and now there is even another reason to choose Links Bridges 100% Fiberglass Bridges for your Golf Course.
For more information, please visit our website at:   1-888-444-0277




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