How you can use the bridge as one more tool to promote your brand?

Links Bridges was contracted by The Marshes Golf Club to provide a replacement for a wood bridge that had suffered the fate that eventually befalls all wood bridges – rotten deck and rotten beams.
The Marshes is a prestigious public course in Canada’s capital city – Ottawa. The Marshes sits in the midst of high rise buildings with millions of square feet of high end office space. A luxury hotel – The Brookstreet is part of the property.
The Marshes, office buildings – which house numerous world leading technology companies – and golf course are under common ownership. The golf course was designed by world-renowned architect Robert Trent Jones Sr.
The bridge was a simple enough project – 50’ long x 6’ wide in a wood finish. They chose the flat ‘Timber’ model because the bridge is set in a bit of gulley and spans one of the many wetlands that gives The Marshes its name.
One of the features that Links Bridges uniquely offers is for logos to be incorporated on to the decks of bridges. These are actually done with a laser process that results in a ‘negatively’ embossed logo on the deck. The significance of this is that it means the logo lasts forever – like the bridge. It won’t fade and weaken over time. Faded logos do a great disservice to a brand as they convey the wrong message.
The Marshes took advantage of the opportunity presented by the new bridge to place not only The Marshes logo on one end but also the logo for The Brookstreet Hotel. This is a clever means of ‘linking’ the brands and reminding golfers that the hotel and its many amenities are integral to the golf property.

Two ends of the same bridge showing different logos – the distinctive The Marshes Logo with its red-wing blackbird and The Brookstreet Hotel with its stylized ‘B’.

The main point of this bridge story is that good organizations recognize the value and importance of promoting their ‘brand’.  Links Bridges can help by incorporating your logo on the deck of your new bridge(s).