• Easiest to Install

• Natural Appearance

• Longest-lasting

• No Maintenance

• Environmentally safe

• 100% Fiberglass





The Golf Course Industry has a long tradition of
using Wood Bridges. In low lying, swampy coastal areas, these are the most common type of bridges encountered. There are many of these bridges that extend 100’ or even 200’.

There are variations, but one basic design is the most common. They start with pairs of Marine-grade Wood Piles, driven to resistance every 10’. The Piles are connected to each other with lateral joists.
On top of these joists, a ‘deck’ substructure is built.
Substructure designs vary from 16”to 24” centers.

On top of this substructure,
planks – typically Pressure-treated
Southern Yellow Pine – are attached for Decks.

Then some kind of Curb or Guard Rail is attached to the sides. The most common solution is 6X6 lumber mounted as a Rail on top of 6X6 blocks.



Bridge decks don’t last

The quality and grades of PT SYP wood available cannot withstand the deteriorating effect of UV.

The wood quickly starts to hollow-out and moisture fills the voids.  In many coastal environments, these ‘new’ Decks start to look shabby in a couple of years and require replacement in as little as 4 years.




These are made of 100% Fiberglass – one of the world’s strongest and most durable building materials.  These are supplied in Panels 4’ long
and custom-made to the actual bridge width. Each Panel resembles four 12” planks.             

They are engineered to work on Deck Frame spans up to 24” supporting Vehicular Loads of 10,000 lbs. with safety factors greater than typical wood decks.

For Curbs, we supply HDPE (High Density Polyethelene – aka Structural Plastic Lumber) which is installed in the same manner as Wood Curbs.



  • Bridge Decks that last for 50+ years
    with no maintenance required.
  • Bridge Decks that look natural
    – indistinguishable from ‘real’ wood.
  • Bridge Decks that always look good.
  • These panels will help extend the life of the sub-structure by eliminating the proximity of the top of the sub-structure to rotten wood decks.
  • Branding option to have Golf Course Logo
    embossed on Bridge Deck.
  • This product can be used to replace Wood Decks where the sub-structure is in good shape OR it can be used when building new ‘Wood’ Bridges.


Make rotting wood bridge decks a thing of the past!
And never worry about it again!

CONTACT Regina, the Bridge Lady today at rsosing@linksbridges.com

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