Enclosed Bridges – Building Connectors

We provide the most cost-effective ‘tunnel-style’ bridges to act as climate controlled conduits between multi-story buildings.   These are available in spans up to 150’. Like all of our other bridge products, they are made using only the longest lasting, lowest maintenance materials. These also happen to be relatively light weight materials which has the added benefit of minimizing the loads on the receiving structures.
We use space frame engineering technology for the structural beams which will span up to 150’. This frame can be designed as an interior frame or an exo-skeleton, depending on the look desired.

FRP is used as the exterior and interior cladding. The FRP will be insulated so it will minimize the need and cost for interior finishing of the bridge structure. The design accommodates the HVAC, electrical and lighting requirements for the structure. Our team can design, build, install and maintain an enclosed structure specifically for your use or project. The most common uses for an enclosed structure is for connecting one building or enclosed space with another to protect from outdoor elements. They are also often used when electronics are needed and should be protected. This can be cabling, lighting or climate control. Most of the production work happens at our factory with mainly only assembly taking place on your premises. It is difficult to estimate a completion time as every project is unique and our workload is always changing. Feel free to contact us anytime for any questions about what we can do for you or to have us design an enclosed bridge, walkway or building connector. Links Bridges has designed, built and installed building connectors throughout the USA and Canada. Our facilities are able to meet the demands of both markets and provide high quality builds at affordable prices.

Links Bridges is the top choice for enclosed bridges in the USA and Canada.

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