There are often cost-effective alternatives to a ‘new’ bridge.  Links Bridges has developed products and methods which change or replace the exposed elements of a bridge with custom-made fiberglass.

The benefits of this ‘bridge renewal’ option include the following:

  • Your bridge will look ‘new’ and will retain its good looks for as long as the sub-structure lasts.
  • No more deck maintenance costs.
  • A natural looking ‘wood’ finish deck that can even include your logo to promote your brand.


If the bridge deck (usually wood) is just starting to deteriorate, a more cost-effective approach involves manufacturing a fiberglass, wood-finish ‘skin’, and re-using the existing deck as a platform for the deck cover.


If your bridge deck is structurally compromised, but the structural beams have many years left in them, the process involves custom manufacturing a new fiberglass deck to fit the existing structural frame.

In both of the alternatives above, the process ‘seals’ the substructure and prevents further moisture and UV penetration.  This will seriously slow the deterioration process and extend the life the of the beams in many cases by decades.

In both cases, you get all the benefits of a ‘new’ bridge.  Because it is fiberglass in a wood finish (other finishes are also available), it will always look great and won’t require maintenance such as paintings, coatings, etc.

The savings, when compared to a new bridge, are considerable.  Check with Links Bridges on how you can get the benefits of ‘new’ bridges for a fraction of the cost.