We used to have a ‘form’ on this part of the Links Bridges web site that asked a prospective buyer to provide us with basic information on Length, Width, Loading Requirements, Style Preferences and Shipping Address.

We have discontinued that because we think it was an ill-conceived way to begin a transaction and potential business relationship.  We are supplying important infrastructure that is built to last 75+ years.  We need dialogue.

Many, if not most, of the prospective buyers who approach Links Bridges rarely or never have had the cause to purchase a Bridge.  They need help to plan their Bridge project properly.  There are many factors to be considered that extend beyond which Bridge type or supplier that they choose.  Many of these don’t fit on a ‘form’ but are critical factors for the project’s success and cost.

Getting a Quote:

We ask that you email or phone us directly to start a conversation on your Bridge requirement.  To prepare for that discussion, it is preferable that you have, to the extent possible, gathered the following information:

  • Length of the Bridge Span
  • Photos that show either an existing bridge that is being replaced or a ‘staked’ site showing bridge location (with stakes at planned entrance and exit).
  • Bridge uses – heaviest vehicles, maybe widest vehicles.
  • Any style preferences – Flat or Arched; Wood finish or Stone finish deck (all fiberglass).
  • Guard Rail preferences.
  • Permit or regulatory considerations (are there external groups who will need to issue permits or approvals). For ‘off-road’ bridges these can vary from nothing to something fairly extensive that requires considerable professional engineering documentation.

The above can be sent as an email in advance of a discussion or can be revealed in a discussion.

This provides the basis for a productive discussion which should cover the following topics and more as appropriate:

  • The details as listed above.
  • A discussion of the commonly available bridge options for the requirement as described.
  • Topics like schedule, budget, plans for demo/installation as appropriate.
  • Foundation options. This is an area where, if not properly considered at the beginning can add avoidable cost and time to the project.
  • Options and most cost-effective approach for Installation.
  • Any other special considerations.

On the basis of these discussions and details exchanged via email, Links Bridges will usually get you a full Quote Package within one Business Day.  This Package will usually include:

  • A Quote for the Bridge(s) including Engineering, Supply of Bridge and Delivery.
  • A Preliminary Engineering package showing all Bridge dimensions and other details. If photos of the Bridge site have been provided, this package will usually include Renderings showing a ‘photo-quality’ preview of the final Bridge Installation.
  • If the project is imminent, a Draft Contract which will allow the Buyer to sign to initiate the project and get the ‘clock’ started.

The process from there will be based entirely on the Buyer’s needs.  Sometimes there will be committee presentation and reviews.  Sometimes all of the work was done for budgeting purposes and that process will take whatever time it takes. 


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