Custom Bridges

Links Bridges caters to Architects and Designers who have bridge design ideas or requirements that are not ‘on the menu’.   We have completed many such bridges over the years and some examples of these are shown below.

We welcome those who come to us with their special Bridge design and work with them to achieve the result that they desire.  The examples that follow should serve to give you confidence that Links Bridges can make your special bridge.


This bridge is a simple adaptation of our Woody model with special ‘funky’ guard rails.  This bridge is located at a private cottage on the St. Lawrence River near the famous ‘Thousand Islands’ The area is heavily frequented by tourists, many of whom can’t resist getting some pictures on the bridge.


The Bridge in these 2 pictures is 100% Fiberglass with some interesting features.  An ‘ashlar stone’ style side; stylized guard rails in a wood finish and a stone finish deck.  This bridge was one of two made for site designated by UNESCO as a ‘world heritage’ site.  The Designer was looking for a Bridge that combined the natural wood and rock of the site.


This custom Bridge is one of 2 identical Bridges installed in a State Park in Oklahoma.  The Architect wanted a Fiberglass Bridge with a distinctive arch feature as part of the Guard Rail.


This Bridge has not yet been built but it does show some of what we can offer.  A customer asked us to design a 200’ long replica of the famous Mackinac Bridge – a 5 Mile Long bridge in Northern Michigan.  We have designed it a 5 – 40’ long sections.  The mid-span towers, which give the illusion of a suspension bridge, are designed to a scale similar to the real Mackinac Bridge. Other than the cables, everything is made of 100% Fiberglass.


A cute little Bridge that was installed on a walking trail.  The Architect was looking something simple and quaint.

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