Links Bridges Inc. is a supplier of custom bridges for Golf Courses, Municipal Parks & Trails, Seaside Boardwalk bridges, Residential uses and any other ‘off-road’ bridge requirement.  Our bridges are made of materials that last the longest and require the least maintenance.

Composite Series Bridges – with spans up to 50’ – are made of 100% FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastics – aka Fiberglass).  Fiberglass is one of the strongest, most durable building materials in the world.  Our fiberglass bridges are available in a variety of wood and stone finishes that are so authentic that they look just like the ‘real thing’ – except that they retain their structural qualities and appearance for decades.

The Woody

Links Bridges’ Composite Series – The Woody

HyBridge Series Bridges – with spans up to 150’ – are made with ‘Space Frame’ technology for structural beams and Fiberglass for the decks and guard rails.  Our Space Frames have a special coating which out-performs traditional steel galvanizing by 3 to 1 – making our HyBridge Series bridges the longest lasting, lowest maintenance option in its class of specialty bridges.

Concord Bridge

Links Bridges’ HyBridge Series – The SideBeamer

Links Bridges offers a variety of great-looking design options of eco-friendly bridges that blend well with their natural environments.   By so many measures, Links Bridges products are in a class of their own:  Longest Lasting; Lowest Maintenance Costs; Easiest to Install; Environmentally-Friendly.

At Links Bridges we manufacture all of our bridges in Canada and the U.S.A to North American standards.  Quality standards are maintained by a manufacturing team that has over 25 employees with more than 20 years of experience at their craft.  We employ an outstanding team of Professional Engineers for bridge design and to custom design foundations for each bridge installation.

Links Bridges also has Installation Technicians for bridge buyers requiring a full-service, turnkey bridge supplier.  We also have perfected some designs that make it easy for a buyer to save money by doing his or her own bridge installation.

IMG_3673 (2)


Composite Bridge

We only use materials that allow us to offer bridges that retain their structural integrity and appearance for 50+ years.


Links Bridges

Our bridges are the absolute best option.  They will last longer, look better and require less maintenance than any other bridge alternative.


Links Bridges

Competitive prices, longest life, lowest maintenance costs, lowest cost installation = BEST VALUE bridges.




  • Installation of a Links Bridge product is the least disruptive to the natural landscape. The materials used in our bridges allows for absolutely no transfer of toxins or other undesirable elements to the surrounding environment.


Our crafting process allows for a ‘signature look’ to be created with your bridge.

Your LOGO, sponsor’s logos can be incorporated right into the deck or guard rail systems for many of the bridge designs.