Cherokee Country Club in Madison, Wisconsin

Something Epic Is Brewing!

Cherokee Country Club in Madison, Wisconsin
Cherokee Country Club in Madison, Wisconsin

One of Links Bridges’ largest projects ever is well underway for the Cherokee Country Club in Madison, Wisconsin.  We are supplying over 1,000′ of Bridges and Boardwalks as part of some major modifications being made at Cherokee.  Every week since the beginning of February, full truck loads have rolled out of our factory to Cherokee.
The Bridges are made of 100% Fiberglass – one of the world’s strongest and most durable building materials.  At the same time, it looks like ‘real’ wood so you are not sacrificing the natural look which golf courses value.  This is a premium bridge which will out-perform any alternative as follows:
  • Longevity – our bridges are built to last 75+ years.
  • Maintenance – virtually none required.
  • Ease of installation – The Bridge is delivered in 2 pieces ready for installation.
  • Appearance – the bridge will retain its original appearance for decades – no rot, rust or other deterioration.
  • Environmental – all materials are inert so they do not have any negative impacts on the environment.
The bridges are being installed by R.G.Huston, a major contractor based in Madison, WI.
Stay tuned for more update on this very exciting project!

Woody Style, Fiberglass Bridge
Fiberglass Bridges Transportation
Cherokee Country Club in Madison, Wisconsin

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