Fiberglass bridge

The Bridge at Paint Branch Golf Complex

The Paint Branch Golf Complex in College Park, MD recently installed a 45′ X 12′ Woody from Links Bridges.

The Bridge was expertly installed by Contech, Inc, a Contractor with offices throughout the USA.

This bridge replaced the original.  Working together, Links Bridges and Contech were able to make use of existing infrastructure and fit the bridge perfectly to salvage foundations and roadways leading to the bridge.

The Paint Branch Golf Complex is part of a larger recreation facility serving the residents of Prince George County in MD.

Links Bridges

Links BridgesType: Woody

Size: 12’0″ x 45’50”

Finish: Weathered Wood

Guard Rail: Posts & Rails

Live Load: 20,000 lbs



Links Bridges supplies Bridges that provide Golf Course Owners/Operators with several important advantages compared to any alternative.  We do th

at by making our Bridges out of 100% Fiberglass using ‘open-molding’ Fiberglass Technology.  We are the only company in the world offering Bridges made in this manner.  The result provides the following benefits:

  • Longevity:  Our Bridges are built to last 75+ years.  The materials we use simply do not rust, rot or deteriorate.
  • Maintenance:  Our customers tell us that they don’t have to do any maintenance on our Bridges.
  • Appearance – 1 :  Our Bridges never look ‘shabby’ the way you see far too often with rotted wood decks, rusted steel beams and rails.
  • Appearance – 2 :  Our Bridges are available in natural looking wood and stone finishes.  The wood finishes are so authentic that everyone thinks that they are ‘real’ wood Bridges.
  • Installation:  Bridges for spans up to 53″ are delivered in 1 piece ready for installation.  Most of our installations are completed in less than 1 day, including foundations (most of our golf course bridges are installed on Helical Pile foundations).  This minimizes disruption to Golf Course operations.
  • Environment:  All Bridge materials are inert which means there is no impact on the soils or vegetation.
  • Branding:  We offer a unique feature of embossing Golf Club logos on the Bridge Deck.

To date we have delivered over 400 Bridges to Golf Courses and other properties in over 40 States.



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