Fiberglass Bridge Built To Handle Vehicle Loads Up To 30,000 Lbs

Another milestone for Links Bridges USA –  The bridge in the pictures is being installed on a golf course in GA.  This 100% Fiberglass ‘Woody’ is 40′ X 10′ and has been engineered and built to handle vehicle loads up to 30,000 lbs.

These are the pictures before the fiberglass bridge was installed.


Links Bridges Fiberglass Bridge Pictures

Links Bridges is the pioneer of 100% Fiberglass Bridges made using ‘open-molding’ technology.  We operate a very active R&D program in conjunction with the laboratories of the manufacturers of the raw materials used to make our bridges.  This program has allowed the Links Bridges product offering to evolve from bridges designed for ‘golf cart’ loads now up to bridges that handle vehicles weighing 15 tons!

Like all of our bridges in spans up to 55′, this bridge was delivered in 1 piece.  The Beams and Deck are factory-fused as a monolithic unit that does not use any bolts or screws for connections.  This is the longest-lasting, lowest maintenance bridge available anywhere and is perfect for the golf course and other ‘off-road’ applications.

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