Fiberglass Bridge Installation at Ridgeview Ranch Golf Club, Texas

Links Bridges USA  is extremely proud to have been selected by Fusion Golf Ltd. to supply a major Bridge for the Ridgeview Ranch Golf Club in Plano, TX.

Fusion Golf is a world-leading company for a wide range of Golf Course services including construction and re-design.

Links Bridges is the world’s only supplier of 100% Fiberglass Bridges designed specifically for Golf Course applications.  The collaboration of Fusion Golf and Links Bridges resulted in a successful installation of a 45′ X 9′ Bridge in our popular ‘Timber’ model.

Fiberglass Bridge Design:

Length = 45′

Width= 9′

Bridge Style = Timber

Deck Finish = Wood

Vehicular Live Load = 10,000

Guard Rail: Post & Rail, 24″ high

Branding Option = Logo embossed on bridge deck

Here is the video from Fusion Golf:

Our bridges really are superior to any of the alternatives in many ways:

  • Natural look – The bridges are available in wood or stone finishes.  Most golf courses opt for the ‘wood’ finish bridges.  Even though the bridges are 100% Fiberglass, it is not an exaggeration to say that unless you tell bridge users otherwise, they think that the bridges are ‘real’ wood.  These are great looking bridges that enhance the natural environment.

  • Longevity – Fiberglass does not rot, rust, or deteriorate in any way.  The expected lifespan of our bridges is 50+ years.  Over that time, the look will ‘weather’ (which adds to the natural look) but it will not rot or deteriorate like real wood.
  • Maintenance – Never any painting, rust removal, replacing rotting boards.
  • Ease of Installation – Bridges in spans up to 55′ are manufactured and delivered in 1 piece ready for immediate installation and use.  If foundations are prepared (and several options are very cost-effective), bridge installation takes less than a couple of hours.
  • Capacity – To date, we have built bridges for vehicular loads of up to 30,000 lbs. which satisfies virtually any Golf Course load requirement.  Our R&D is on-going and we will soon be able to offer higher load capacities in a cost-effective manner.  (Fiberglass is actually stronger than steel on a ‘per pound’ basis.  It is 1/7th the density of steel so load limits are more a function of the practicality of beam sizes than the capacity of the material to handle loads.)  None of these load limits are ‘on the edge’.  Our bridges are designed by Professional Engineers and include Safety Factors consistent with Building Code Standards.
  • Branding options – Many golf courses take advantage of the option to have their logos embossed into the bridge decks.  This is done in a manner that lasts the life of the bridge and does not ‘fade’ in a way that would compromise the look of the ‘brand’.
  • Price-competitive – There is absolutely no question that if one considers maintenance and life-cycle replacement costs, our Fiberglass bridges are by far the best value.  Beyond that, our prices are within the range (and sometimes less) when compared to the costs of the alternatives – wood, steel, steel/wood combinations, aluminum.  In fact, it is our experience that bridge pricing is highly variable from one situation to another so that is why it is hard to say that we are ‘more’ or ‘less’ than the alternatives.  We generally are not the cheapest option but we are never far away from that.
  • Product Quality – Our bridges are manufactured to the highest North American standards. What we do at the factory is more accurately described as ‘Craftsmanship’ rather than Assembly-line Production.  The Team that makes our bridges averages over 20 years of experience making quality fiberglass products.
Fiberglass Bridge at Ridgeview Ranch Golf Club.
45′ X 9′ Bridge in our popular ‘Timber’ model.
Fiberglass Bridge
Our 45′ X 9′ Bridge in our popular ‘Timber’ model ready to leave our factory.

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